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Managing personal finances is a must for all successful adults, but it’s also a shark’s tank that scares most people away. And there is good reason for that! Wherever there’s money, dishonest scammers and shylocks will pop up to try and take advantage of your needs and your ignorance. Finances are complicated, they have many aspects and they’re really difficult to surf through. Understandably, really few adults know the perks and details of personal finances, and so they are easily misled into loosing money so others can benefit from such mistakes.

The purpose of Money Resources is to protect people from these monetary tricksters. In order to do so, we first hand check and review big and small lenders across the United Kingdom. We have gathered lots of useful information on the good ones and the bad ones, and we are here to tell you which ones are which, and why.

So you can relax and focus on your next projects and investments. Money Resources will advice you on your lender choice to ensure that you have a financial experience as good as it gets!


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Not all webpages that look good actually represent good lenders. Anyone can hire a good web designer and a copywriter to produce a couple lines saying how great a service is, but it doesn’t have to mean anything. People can lie to your face, but sometimes you can tell they’re lying by looking at how they act and how they talk. It’s much more difficult to tell if you’re facing not a person, but a nice website on a computer screen.

Many scammers use this resource to fool people and take advantage of them. That’s why you need to cross-reference lenders, especially those of which you have no first hand references!

We run reviews and checks on these webpages and have identified a couple of them that aren’t as good as they look. We’ll save you from falling in the trap!




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We have gathered info on the key aspects of all sorts of loans. With this, we have created a blog that we update on a weekly basis. If you are planning to get a loan, in the process of making the deal, considering refinancing, or just interested in learning all this useful information that one day could save your economy, you must take a look at it.

Some of our best and worst choices of lenders have their own article, where we discuss their services and why you should – or shouldn’t – borrow money from them.

We also cover general loan issues that you must understand in order to judge whether or not you should make a certain deal. Some mischievous lenders try to take advantage of people who don’t understand the mechanics of loans, so you have to make sure you’re not one of them!



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Economical stability is priceless.

"My sister got scammed by a terrible lender and almost lost everything. I was dodging taking a loan, but I had to realize I needed one. I almost got PTSD, it was my sister's story all over again. Money Resources did the difference and pointed me at the right way. I can't express how grateful and relieved I feel."
Jenny Amos

Happy Clients

"I am glad I found Money Resources and had them help me with my monetary issues. They are highly efficient and they know how to communicate with the customer with an appropriate language, so we are all in the same page."

Rick Jordan